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HFO Volunteers

Play A Part In The Music

Get to know us better! We are so much more than what you see on concert night.

As a young not-for-profit organization, the Heartland Festival Orchestra relies heavily on our volunteers to help sustain the organization. Volunteers are needed in many areas, including activities before, during, and after performances.

Each HFO concert is the result of the efforts of the HFO Board, conductor, musicians, and a team of volunteers. From stuffing the programs, baking cookies, supplying bottled water, helping with setup and teardown, greeting concert goers, poster distribution, decorating the stage, and hosting out of town musicians, our volunteers are integral to our success.

The Heartland Festival Orchestra is always on the lookout for people who have all kinds of talents to help our organization run more smoothly. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the Heartland Festival Orchestra. With a variety of great volunteer options, you'll be sure to find the opportunity that suits you best.

If you are interested in hands-on volunteer experience and would like to meet others with similar interests, we have a place for you. Our volunteers are active members of our community who support the Orchestra. We know you will find the right fit for your interest, time and talent to support the Heartland Festival Orchestra.

If you would like to be a part of the amazing team that helps make possible the outstanding concerts of the Heartland Festival Orchestra, please consider signing up to help with one of our volunteer needs listed here. Volunteering is a great way to become involved with the orchestra, and we are sure it will be a rewarding and fun-­filled experience for you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Concert Ushers

What: Pass out programs or direct guests to their seats
When: Concert Nights Only; 6:30-6:55pm; Job finishes when concert begins
Where: Five Points Washington

Program Assembly

What: Assemble programs and inserts; box up bundles of programs to be ready for concert night.
When: Friday evening during rehearsal, night before concert 7-8pm (1hr)
Where: Five Points Washington Auditorium

Concert Reception Set-Up Crew

What: Assemble cookies on large platters, cover with plastic wrap; ensure sufficient cups and napkins are available.
When: Daytime, day of concert (flexible, 1 hr)
Where: Five Points Washington kitchen/banquet room

Concert Reception Hosts

What: Set out platters of cookies and pour punch into cups; keep platters and cups full till supplies or guests run out; minimal clean up afterwards.
When: Immediately following concert must leave seats at or before final note (30 mins max)
Where: Five Points Washington banquet room for post-concert reception

Cookie Bakers for Musicians' Rehearsal Breaks

What: Provide a few dozen home baked cookies for musicians to enjoy on their Friday evening and Saturday afternoon rehearsal breaks.
When: Deliver cookies to Kidder Music or Five Points by 3:00 pm on Friday, day prior to concert
Where: Back counter at Kidder Music or Front Desk at Five Points

Fruit for Musicians' Rehearsal Breaks

What: Provide fruit (grapes, clementines, apples, bananas) for musicians to enjoy on their Friday evening and Saturday afternoon rehearsal breaks.
When: Deliver by 3:00pm to Kidder or by 5:00pm to Five Points on Friday, day prior to concert
Where: Back counter at Kidder Music or Front Desk at Five Points

Concert Poster Distributors

What: Put up concert flyers on bulletin boards, windows, around town
When: 2-3 weeks prior to concert (12hrs)
Where: Pick up flyers at Kidder Music or Five Points - place them in your area where they would likely be seen.

Musician Host Home

What: Provide overnight housing for out of town HFO musicians; Provide a light snack when musician arrives after Friday night rehearsal which ends at 9:30 pm at Five Points. Provide a light breakfast Saturday morning for musician. There is no obligation to provide lunch, but most won't object if you do. Musicians have their own transportation. Most musicians tend to practice Saturday mornings while at the host homes. This is a great opportunity to get to know the HFO musicians and learn about the instruments they play.
When: Friday night immediately preceding concert, possibly Saturday night if inclement weather. Musicians must be at Five Points by 1:30 pm on Saturday. Once they leave your home early Saturday afternoon, they will not return unless inclement weather is a factor. Per concert basis, HFO Host will contact you for availability.
Where: Your home
Other: Please let us know if you have any pets or children, or smokers.

Musician Hotel Sponsor

What: Donate the cost of hotel room for out of town musician. $80 per night, one night per concert.
When: When the number of musicians exceeds the available host homes, a hotel room must be provided for out of town musicians.
Where: Donations can be sent directly to:
HFO P.O. Box 9186, Peoria, IL 61612

Stage Set-Up/Tear Down

What: Assist stage manager in setting up risers on stage, setting up musician chairs and music stands; removing all from stage at conclusion of concert.
When: Usually Thursday or Friday daytime prior to concert (1.5 hours), and again at conclusion of concert Saturday night (45 mins).
Where: Five Points Washington

Stage Decorations

What: Assist the florist with pick up, delivery and return of donated decorations.
When: Friday or Saturday afternoon, prior to concert (1hr); Monday for return (1hr).
Where: Five Points Washington

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Maestro's Choice

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Nancy L. Taylor


The Heartland Festival Orchestra's League of Volunteers is named in honor and tribute to Nancy L. Taylor. Nancy, one of our very first volunteers, never said "No" to the Heartland Festival Orchestra. In the early days, it was Nancy who mobilized volunteers to put programs together and have them ready by concert time. When the board thought a little reception was a good idea and wondered how they could accomplish that, Nancy ordered the cookies and punch, organized the tables, greeted guests and musicians alike. Nancy did all this while hosting some of the musicians traveling in for our concerts. She embodied every idea of volunteerism, and she did it modestly, nonchalantly, and expertly. She helped in so many ways and seemed always to know instinctively what was needed, when and where. She was the orchestra's strong right arm.

Thank you, Nancy. You are with the orchestra forever.