Board & Team


Jim Kidder, President
Jim Springer, Vice President
Sea Stipe, Secretary
Patricia Franzen, Treasurer

Mercè Baldwin
David Commanday

Ron Holohan
Gary James
Richard Sanders
Karl Taylor

Ted Wanach

Krisitn Witzig Schmidt


David Commanday, Artistic Director / Conductor
Laura Evancho, Executive Director
Barbara Hedlund, Music Coordinator / Contractor

Beau Commanday, Visual Communications

Sea Stipe

Mercè Baldwin, Marketing Coordinator

Sara Connor-James, Donor Relations

Kim Hess, Bookkeeper

Ronald Hedlund & Beau Commanday, Photographers

Maria Marty, Accommodations Coordinator

Karla Commanday-Mirosav, Music Librarian

Rob McChesney, Stage Manager

Lark Commanday, Stage Manager Assistant

Julia Evancho, Student Intern

With many thanks to our
Nancy L. Taylor League of HFO Volunteers!